Black Worm

Blackworm computer virus and creature worms

Black worm:

The creature-animal worm is usually located in muddy areas and is commonly known as the California Blackworm aka Lumbriculus variegatus. You can locate black worms usually near marsh areas, ponds, and swamps. This black worm is part of the phylum Annelida and class Oligochaeta. Black worms breathe through their skin and do not have lungs. The worm eats through a tiny mouth and ejects the food through the anus.

Blackworm virus:

Black worm internet computer virus is an infection of the malware. This virus is spread through email attachments and if you open the email containing the virus you computer will become infected, so the best way to avoid this virus is not to open the email to begin with. The infection has the capability of wiping out files and archives of important information on the computers.

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