The Red Worm is also known as Eisenia fetida and are mostly used for composting, Vermicomposting. This process is usually called worm composting  which is a form of composting commonly food from your kitchen. There is no mess free way to compost but this might be one of the messiest when done indoors. It actually depends on you and your method but the basic concept of this type of red worm composting is that the worms can be stored, for example, in a container in your ex: Kitchen. Then your “scraps” can be tossed in the compost container as normal except there are already worms to start the decomposition process of all of your scarps. Some people might be a little uncomfortable with this method since the worms have to be in the house, however, this is not the only way to go about the process.

If you are interested in the concept you should do the proper research on Red Worms to find out exactly how you can begin composting. Don’t just jump into bringing red worms in the house!


  1. I just started making my on worm compost

    • I need a batter way separating the worm from the compost

  2. I’m worried about putting table scraps in my worm compost I only use leafs and other organic matter

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