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It happens when – and where – you least expect it.  A worm appears where he should not be! You might run into it or look up and see a tiny green worm hanging from the trees and branches right over your head! Why is a green worm hanging mid-air above you and what is it?  For those people that do their best to avoid […]

It is not uncommon to look into the soil at the base of your potted tomato plant and see little tiny white worms wriggling around in the soil.  And, although it’s not uncommon, it can be a little upsetting – especially considering you are hoping to eat the tomatoes!! So, if you’ve had this happen, here are some answers to questions you might be thinking: […]

What are vermicomposting worms?

Worms are the gardeners friend, and for anyone that does any sort of composting, you will quickly become familiar with composting worms – often known as vermicomposting worms. Vermicomposting is what it is called when you turn your purposely recycled organic waste scraps into a lovely compost using worms. Experts say that you cannot use just any worm for the vermicomposting process, but rather you […]

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