Bed Bugs

bed bugsBed Bugs are not a type of worm, however I thought I’d discuss them a little as there has been a huge outbreak nationwide on these parasites. In particular, travelers are being warned to be careful when staying in hotels and motels as this is a common place to pick up the parasite….they will slip into clothing and luggage and come home with you! As a result, more and more people are finding that their homes are infested.

The bedbug is a bloodsucking insect that feeds on humans. They are called “Bed bugs” because they are notoriously found in beds.  While this is a common place to find them, you can also find them behind paintings, in drawers, and underneath nightstands.

Where you can find a bed bug
If you suspect bedbugs are in your bed, the best method to discover and find them is by doing a thorough examination. They are very hard to see, however if you look in the right places – underneath items and in corners, you’ll either see them or find evidence of them. The best place to spot the infestation will be around the edge corners of your mattress or boxspring where you may see little brown dots or smears which are their fecal matter.

Bed Bug Facts

  • They can live as long as a year without feeding
  • An infestation is notoriously difficult to get rid of.
  • When bed bugs bite, they leave red marks on your skin.
  • Bed bugs hide during the day and become active at night.