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If you can see tiny white worms floating around in your fish tank there is a high possibility that you have either planaria or detritus worms. On the internet alot you’ll find that people are saying the tiny white worms in your fish tank are likely planaria. You should look carefully at the worm however to help distinguish it from the detritus worm to make […]

What are vermicomposting worms?

Worms are the gardeners friend, and for anyone that does any sort of composting, you will quickly become familiar with composting worms – often known as vermicomposting worms. Vermicomposting is what it is called when you turn your purposely recycled organic waste scraps into a lovely compost using worms. Experts say that you cannot use just any worm for the vermicomposting process, but rather you […]

What are those worms in my bed?

Have you ever heard of bed worms?  Fortunately, you probably haven’t.  Unfortunately, by the time you utter the horrible phrase “bed worm” it will be like a nightmare has taken over you life. Most people find bed worms when they are removing the bedding from their beds.  They are typically small brownish caterpillar-like worms that you’ll find embedded in the fabric of the sheets or […]

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are not a type of worm, however I thought I’d discuss them a little as there has been a huge outbreak nationwide on these parasites. In particular, travelers are being warned to be careful when staying in hotels and motels as this is a common place to pick up the parasite….they will slip into clothing and luggage and come home with you! As […]

Tiny black worms in toilet

So, what are those tiny black worms in your toilet from? Tiny black worms in the toilet may indicate that you may have some type of infestation of larvae somewhere in your sewer system. Typically what happens is the tiny toilet worms are the maggot stage of the black scavenger fly. These flies are tiny and live around poop and excrement – meaning that a […]

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